Higher education a pathway to success

ABUNDANT STUDY OPTIONS: Malaysians have access to quality, affordable higher education.

Higher education has grown by leaps and bounds in the country in the last two decades.

EVERYONE feels that higher education is important and absolutely necessary for success in today’s economy.

It could be regarded as a ticket to a high quality job. In the eyes of most people, pursuing higher education is vital.

Vital in the sense that education enables one to be able to get a good job and earn a decent salary. Apart from that, higher education offers graduates more jobs to choose from than that are open to those who don’t pursue higher education. Moreover a graduate earns a lot more than a person who does not have a degree.

Higher education in our country is provided by both public and private universities.

Both public and private education providers play important roles in the provision of higher education.

Together, the public and private sectors provide abundant study options.

Higher education providers in Malaysia can be grouped into two major categories.

Public higher education institutions consist of:

Public universities offering bachelor degrees and postgraduate programmes, with some offering programmes at diploma level and university foundation programmes; and,

Polytechnics and community colleges offering certificate and diploma programmes.

There are altogether 20 public universities in the country that are government funded.

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