Prof: Cannot afford to ignore English.

TANJUNG ARU: Having a good command of the English is one of the pre-requisites for entry to universities.

Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (Unitar) Adjunct Professor, Prof Dr. Mornie Kambrie said on 17 November 2009, English is widely used in Unitar, among others.

“Always keep a dictionary with you if you want to improve your proficiency in the language. Your dictionary should be your companion,” he told participants at the Seminar on”Changing Trends Facing Youth Today.”

According to him, the best students in Malaysia always have dictionaries with them. When asked how many of them brought dictionaries with them, not a hand was raised.

About 100 students from more than 120 secondary schools and from as far as Tambunan and Keningau attended the one – day seminar held at Dewan Puspa Seri Faridah, Wisma Puspanita here.

Offering tips, Prof. Dr. Mornie advised the students to read English books and newspapers and watch English programmes on TV such as Discovery Channel.

He said the participants were very lucky to participate in the seminar and hoped they would play a role in leading their peers out there.

All students were also advised to stop using the Short Messaging Service (SMS) language in class.

“Unfortunately, the SMS language is going into the classroom. When writing English essays, students are using short forms. Please do away with this practice… it is not going to help you improve your English.” Prof Dr Mornie pointed out.

The one day seminar was organised by Puspanita State Branch Counselling Sub-Committee with the co-operation of the State Public sector Training Institute (insan) under the Chief Minister’s Department.

The seminar was officiated by Director of Insan, Encik Sa’adilah Hj Abdillah. Also present were Puspanita state Branch Chairperson, Datin Hairani Hussaini, Counselling Sub-Committee Chairperson, Datuk Noni J. Said, Insan Principal Assistant Director, Dr. Chacho Hj Bulah, Insan Senior Director, Puan Faridah Malai, QEH Principal Assistant Director (Health Promotion Unit), Encik Abdul Razak Md. Noh and Human Resource Development Department’s Training Officer, Puan Tianinum Iping.

Both Prof Dr Mornie and Noni also drummed home the importance of maintaining toilet cleanliness at all times whether they (students) are in school or public buildings.

“The habits of cleanliness must start from you as agents of change. Love your environment too. Protecting your environment is one of the marks of a civilised person.” he said.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Noni said she had discussed with Prof. Dr. Mornie the possibility of grooming a group of potential leaders to beĀ  selected from the 100 seminar participants. She rated the students’ level of teamwork as excellent, particularly during the workshop, group discussion and presentation.

She gave away certificates to the facilitators and participants while Prof Dr. Mornie presented prizes to the three best participants. They were Meme Marnie Matin, 16, a Form Four students of SM Agama Toh Puan Hjh Rahmah, Sembulan; Nurlynafarihah Daya, 16, a Form Four student of Maktab Sabah and Dayangku Nadhirah Awang Hamidun, 14 , a Form Two student of SMK Putatan.

by Mary Chin.

Daily Express, 19/11/2009

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