Heart and soul resolutions

Something simple and meaningful can make a real difference in somebody’s life.

OKAY. It’s that time of the year when columnists like us are granted the licence to offer some New Year resolutions to others. We can be serious, or we can be funny. But the reality is that few people will take our suggestions seriously unless they strike a chord within us.

In the spirit of this column, which draws on many real-life experiences I go through myself, I would like to offer 10 resolutions that are up to us, as individuals, to fulfil. They do not depend on others doing their part first. The power, as we say, rests solely in our hands.

1. Watch the sunrise outside your house: Yes, the sun rises each morning, wherever you may be. You don’t need the backdrop of an emerald sea or snow-capped mountains to watch this remarkable event. You just have to wake up early and step outside. And as you watch the colours change hues, you will be reminded that every new day brings forth blessings, and you will be thankful. And, yes, the sunsets are just as great.

2. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say nothing at all: These are the wise words of Thumper the rabbit in the Disney classic, Bambi. Remind yourself that careless words can and do hurt people’s feelings. And, please, don’t begin a statement with, “I do not mean to be racist but….”

3. Write a thank you letter or note: Even if your writing, like mine, is barely legible these days, a handwritten note posted to someone will definitely be appreciated amidst the bills and junk mail we get in the postbox daily. And while you are at it, leave a thank you note for your postman as well.

4. Treat your body with gentle loving care: Go to the gym or spa if there is one nearby. Those of you who live in gated communities and high-end condos should make use of the facilities you already paid for. Or just take a walk in a nearby park. Take a break from Candy Crush and play a real game of tennis. Take periodic retreats to the nearby hill stations where the air is clean and the noise of the world can be left behind.

5. Pick up the trash: If you see litter, don’t just mumble that people lack civic consciousness these days. Pick it up and place it in the bin. Your example may just inspire others to do likewise.

6. Switch off that smartphone for a day: It’s okay not to bring the phone along when you go for dinner. There is really no need to take pictures of every dish you order. And while selfie is a recognised word in the English dictionary, don’t go overboard. Just remember how Michelle looked like when Obama got so carried away with the Danish prime minister.

by Soo Ewe Jin.

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