English made easy

The Star’s NiE pullout – a language resource for teachers – promises fun and refreshing lessons throughout the year.

MORE often than not, when it is time for English lessons, one can practically hear students start to groan.

While some find it just another boring and uptight subject, those who have experienced The Star’s Newspaper-in-Education (NiE) programme know that there is so much more to learning than the conventional textbook method.

Now in its 17th year, the NiE programme has evolved with the times, bringing you activities that are better and more exciting than ever.

The vibrant pullout offers an array of fun activities that cultivate enthusiasm in the classroom.

Written by a team of experienced English language teachers and specialists, the 12-page pullout is a powerful tool at a teacher’s fingertips.

There is something for everyone as its topics cater to students of all proficiency levels: elementary, intermediate and advanced.

When the newspaper is used as a learning material, students are given the opportunity to discuss relevant issues and content that is constantly updated, much like having a living textbook.

As the leading English daily, The Star newspaper is well-poised to bring current affairs into classrooms, keeping students abreast with happenings locally and around the globe.

Apart from increasing English literacy and keeping students in the know, the engaging NiE activities encourage students to take part in classroom happenings, which in turn helps them build self esteem through positive classroom experiences.

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