Trotting in style into the New Year

RIDING HIGH: As we usher in the Year of the Horse next week,renowned Feng Shui master Lillian Too suggests carrying or wearing a horse symbol on us to foster good luck and protection in the Lunar New Year. Cheong Phin heeds the spiritual advice and discovers three fashionable ways to get horsey luck this year.

The mille-fleurs pattern and cubist trompe l’oeil horse print Carré Hermès this season.

IN Chinese astrology, the Year of the Wood Horse is a time of fast victories and good fortune. The seventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac is a much-loved symbol of nobility and strength that is endowed with speed, power and perseverance. The physical beauty and  elegance of the animal make it an appealing subject in fashion, appearing on scarves, dresses and polo shirts this season.

The Horse Print Scarf by Hermes.

With a heritage of saddle-making that dates back to 1880, French luxury brand Hermès is no stranger to working with horse symbols or equestrian nuances on their seasonal collection of silk scarves, ready-to-wear, bags and accessories. In the colourful mix of their iconic silk twill scarves for Spring 2014 is a new collection of exquisite artsy horse prints that range from mille-fleurs (thousand flowers) pattern to Tiffany art deco style and cubist trompe l’oeil.

Affectionately known as the Carré Hermès when it was first introduced in 1937, each exquisite creation takes up to two years to create — from graphic development to engraving and its arrival in stores. With technology advancement in silk-weaving, the Carré Hermès has evolved into different sizes and finishes today.

Nevertheless, each scarf is still screenprinted individually by hand and produced at their silk factory in Lyon, France.

Beloved by women across the world, including celebrities such as Catherine Deneuve, the Carré can be worn in many creative and chic ways, thanks to their free Silk Knots app on iTunes — a programme complete with videos, diagrams and photos that provide tips on how to create the ultimate head scarf, a trendy drape round the neck or turning it into a belt or top to wear under a blazer.

When not in use, the Hermès scarf is popularly tied on handbags, particularly the Birkin bag.

The Warp-dress @ Clutch by DVF

Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) has been wrapping women in her iconic wrap dress for 40 years. In the spirit of the Year of the Horse this Lunar New Year, the legendary American designer introduces a limited edition collection of Lucky Horse wrap dress, envelope clutch and a printed off-the-shoulder sweater. Available in red or black, the original Lucky
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