Options after SPM

IN THE United States, finishing high school is a coming-of-age rite of its own, with school leavers receiving their high school diploma scrolls at mini-graduation ceremonies where speeches are made, gowns and caps are worn and portraits are taken to fully commemorate the event.

While end of school procedures here in Malaysia may not be quite as ceremonious, the feeling is essentially the same: being a Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) candidate marks the close of one chapter in your life and the start of another.

With your results in hand, you find yourself at a major crossroads in life, having to decide which bridge to cross and which path to walk as your future looms before you.

Whichever metaphor you choose, the fact is after your SPM you are faced with numerous options of what to do next. To help you on your way (and to help reduce the headache), we outline here the routes, traditional and also non-traditional, that you can take.


After a short breather at the end of secondary school, most of us will continue on the path of furthering our education. If you need a scholarship, you should have already begun searching. Scholarships are abundant! Especially for those with outstanding academic and co-curricular achievements. Besides the usual government scholarships like the Public Service Department (JPA) scholarship, look out also for study awards from other governments, as well as those offered by private organisations. Most universities offer scholarships to students who meet the requirements.

Pre-University course

Pre-university courses provide the formal qualification needed to gain entry to an undergraduate degree programme at a local or foreign university. Intakes vary, check with institutions.

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