Improved Literacy and Numeracy Skills.

KUALA LUMPUR: THE Education Ministry’s Literacy and Numeracy Screening (Linus) programme has helped provide a stronger foundation to students in their first three years of primary school education.

Kuala Selangor district education officer Rohaizan Shahid said under Linus 2.0 students in Year One to Three will be screened twice a year to determine if they are progressing in Bahasa Melayu literacy, English literacy and Mathematics at an expected pace.

The objective of the programme was to ensure the student will have the basic literacy and numeracy and helping those fall behind will catch up to the mainstream education.

The programme was taken a step further last year with earlier intervention measures introduced for students to ensure they are able to read and write, as well as possess basic arithmetic knowledge.

Rohaizan, who is also a Facilinus (Linus facilitator), said her role was to provide support to the teachers who were involved in the programme.

“There is one-on-one technique coaching and mentoring for teachers.

We were not just monitoring the teachers but also supporting and motivating them. We will also see where the strength of the teacher is and give them suggestions to further improve their teaching skills,” she said.

She said Facilinus have to attend at least two courses annually to develop themselves.

“The State Education Department will also hold meetings monthly to come up with strategies to help teachers and students. The District Education Office also supports the facilinus by advising them on the best possible methods to guide teachers,” she said.

Rohaizan said data collected has shown that the programme was successful as the number of students who could not master basic literacy and numeracy continued to drop every year.

“Last year, Kuala Selangor district recorded a 99.5 per cent success rate for Bahasa Melayu literacy and 99.7 per cent success rate for numeracy thanks to the various activities that had been carried out.

by Teoh Pei Ying.

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