Things Gifted Kids Do and Say

If you’re the parent of a gifted child, you know that your child is not quite like the other kids. Sure, your child enjoys playing, argues with siblings, and resists completing chores, just like any other kid. However, there are some things gifted kids do and say that you are pretty sure other kids don’t say and do.

For example, my son loved to learn about outer space and the solar system. He was an early reader and read all he could about that subject. One night, when he was around four years old, he couldn’t sleep. He came to me quite upset because he had just read that Polaris would no longer be the North Star in 2000 years. I’m pretty sure other kids don’t lose sleep over the fate of Polaris.

And then there were the many times when my verbally gifted son would correct other people’s grammar. At age five, he was quite the expert and disliked it when people made grammar mistakes. If someone said something like “Everyone should pick up their trash,” my little five-year-old would say, “Everyone should pick up HIS OR HER trash.”

I could give many such examples as could most parents of gifted kids. These kinds of stories help people understand that while gifted kids are kids, they often act and think differently from other kids. As a result, being the parent of a gifted child is a bit different than being the parent of a non-gifted child.

Imagine someone asked you, “How do you know you’re the parent of a gifted kid?” How would you answer that question?

Here are a couple of ways I’d answer that question:

You know you’re the parent of a gifted kid when your four-year-old corrects an adult who confused a Brontosaurus with a Brachiosaurus, explaining how to tell the difference between the two, further explaining that the proper name for a Brontosaurus is Apatosaurus.

You know you’re the parent of a gifted kid when your six-year old answers the question of a museum visitor about the constellation Cassiopeia that the museum guide couldn’t answer.

These short stories can help parents of non-gifted kids better understand what gifted kids are like and what it’s like to be the parent of one.

by Carol Bainbridge.

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