SMK Kemabong wins at innovation contest

KOTA KINABALU: Rural school, SMK Kemabong from Tenom impressed judges at the Sabah Invention & Design Exhibition (SINDEX) recently with their innovations, “Paddy Pen” and “Savy-U”.

Paddy Pen is a simple tool to help rice farmers plant seedlings whereas Savy-U is an innovation that prevents hangers from falling off a clothesline.

SINDEX was held on 21 June at Wisma Wanita here and attracted 46 schools from all over Sabah and Labuan. The state-level competition is held once every two years.

It was the first time that SMK Kemabong was chosen to represent the district Tenom in the contest.

Both teams from the school won several accolades including three special awards.

Team Paddy Pen won the prestigious Young Inventor’s Award, Best Prototype prize, a gold medal and second place overall.

Each member received an Apple iPad sponsored by Monash University as well as prize money. They were Jaicyka Kasuman, Rexzueline Ambing, Azryen Linus and Muliani Andisan who were led by their teacher, Mitchelle Perera.

The other winning team Savy-U was led by teacher, Hafizi Fazli Bakar and consisted of Juvenos Utar, Tuina Kolotor, Nelsyevi Atum and Azurah Udi. They won the Best Innovation Award, a gold medal, were placed sixth overall and received prize money.

Paddy Pen was designed especially for rice farmers. The students realised that when planting seedlings, the farmer would first have to make holes on dry soil using a traditional technique called “mengasok”. The womenfolk would then fill the holes with padi grains while squatting and this process can take hours to complete which is detrimental to health over the long-run.

The team invented a prototype that used a 2-in-1 mechanism to complete the task so that one person can make a hole and fill it with grains at the same time.

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