Don’t shed responsibilities in aspects of children’s security, parents told

TAWAU: Parents must not shed their responsibilities in the aspect of the security of their children, said Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation vice chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye.

He said there have been several instances lately where parents failed in discharging their responsibilities to secure the safety of their young children.

“We must not waiver in our duties when bringing up young children,” he said adding that society must not give chance for evil things to happen like kidnapping of children.

As parents, if they have to leave their vehicles, they should not at any time leave their children behind in the car, he said.

He added that time and again, criminals would take the opportunity to drive away the vehicle with the child inside.

“If everybody is constantly aware of the dangers around them, such incident would not have happened,” he told reporters here yesterday.

Lee who is also the National Institute of Safety and Hazard (Niosh) urged schools and colleges to set up safety and security committees.

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