Re-igniting love for the land

PETALING JAYAMalaysia, here where love grows – there could not be a better reminder than this year’s Merdeka theme for the nation as we celebrate our 57th year of Independence.

And as many young Malaysians agree, it’s time to re-ignite that simple love of the land and each other, as exemplified by our founding father, Tunku Abdul Rahman who once said, “No matter what we are, we are all Malaysians.”

We need to remember that Merdeka belongs to all Malaysians, irrespective of race and religion, said lawyer Azira Aziz, 27.

“Malaysia was created through a memorandum, so everyone played a part. It was a consensus.”

Universiti Malaysia Pahang final year student S. Shravanya believes moderation is the key to uphold the spirit of 57.

“Merdeka is the reflection of the unity in our country, but now our forefathers’ struggles to achieve independence are marred by racist remarks uttered by certain politicians and narrow-minded Malaysians.

“Although we are different in skin colour, we should be always united as Malaysians,” said the 24-year-old who hails from Merli­mau, Malacca.

Penangite Kyle Chan, 19, who is pursuing his studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science, agrees that living in a multi-cultural country, it’s always important to practise moderation and work towards a common goal.


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