Further strengthening English language learning

Education Ministry’s Curriculum Development Division deputy director (Humanities) Shamsuri Sujak

PUTRAJAYA: THE Education Ministry, in its efforts to help pupils acquire basic English language literacy, has taken the initiative to expand the Literacy and Numeracy Screening (LINUS) programme to include English literacy.

Based on the achievement of LINUS in 2012 with a performance close to 100 per cent for Bahasa Malaysia literacy and numeracy, LINUS2.0 was implemented as a support programme to further improve English literacy among pupils in their first three years of primary school education.

The Ministry’s Curriculum Development Division Deputy Director (Humanities) Shamsuri Sujak said the aim of LINUS2.0 was to ensure all pupils, except special needs students, master Bahasa Malaysia literacy, English literacy, and numeracy at the end of Year Three.

“Under LINUS2.0, pupils in Year One, Year Two and Year Three will be screened twice a year, first in March and then in September to determine if they are progressing in Bahasa Malaysia literacy, English literacy, and numeracy at an expected pace.

“Pupils who fall behind will have to go through remedial classes up until they are qualified to be placed in the mainstream curriculum.” Shamsuri, who is also the programme manager of LINUS2.0, said the objectives of the early intervention programme was to improve the quality of teaching and learning in English and also to increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning in remedial English classes.

“All pupils who have not mastered English literacy will be supplied the English Literacy Pupil’s Module while the teachers who conduct the classes would be supplied with English Literacy Teacher’s Module.

“These modules were developed by the Curriculum Development Division involving the English language lecturers from universities and teacher training institutes as well as English teachers.” He added that in order to implement the teaching and learning remedial class, all Level One English teachers would be given remedial English courses, namely the LINUS2.0 disclosure course, the use of the English literacy module as well as remedial English course.

“The achievement of LINUS2.0’s English literacy since it started last year has so far been excellent.

For instance, the Year One pupils in 2013 who had their second screening in September 2013, based on their Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening skills, achieved 63.3 per cent as compared with 50.1 per cent for the baseline conducted in March 2013.

“We hope that by the end of Year 3, all pupils will be able to master English literacy,” he said.


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