Raising ethics and efficiency

Integrity, responsibility and trust are among the values government servants must have for departments and services to run smoothly.

TIME marches on but will never fade the exciting memories of a young girl when the vibrant shouts of MERDEKA rang loud and clear followed by a thunderous round of applause in the Tawau town padang (field) on Sept 16, 1963 … the day Sabah achieved independence through the formation of Malaysia.

I can still visualise the lowering of the Union Jack which in turn saw the hoisting of the Malaysian flag followed by the Sabah Flag.

My classmates and I sang the Negara Ku and Sabah Tanah Air Ku standing at attention and with a sense of pride even at the age of 12.

The smiles on the people’s faces, the flags and the banners said it all. Sabah was celebrating the birth of a new nation and her liberation from colonial rule.

As an adult, I now look back at our celebrations and can understand better why there was so much jubilation and hope amongst the people. Malaysia was our nation, our home.


With hope comes a very special sense of responsibility from the government, particularly government servants.

Every government servant plays a special role in providing hope. It is thus vital for them to be subservient to the government of the day.

The word “government” defined in the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (3rd Edition) is the act or process of governing, especially the control and administration of public policy in a political unit.

“Servant” refers to one who is publicly employed to perform services and in this context, for the government.

‘Subservient’ means subordinate in capacity or function; one who expresses submission, recognisance while “government of the day” means the ruling political party of this present time and “must” means compulsory.

Stated in Article 132 (1) of the Federal Constitution, the public service and all government servants including the education service are subjected to the law and regulations made by the ruling government.

We in the Education Ministry are also subordinate to the government and are subjected to obey all rules.


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