Migrate to much bigger goals

During the Perak-level Maal Hijrah celebration held at the Amanjaya Convention Centre at Casuarina@Meru, Ipoh on Sunday, Sultan of Perak Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah urged Muslims to embrace moderation and be open-minded in order to forge ahead as a progressive and modern society.

THE Hijrah (Migration) episode contains many implicit philosophies beyond the explicit. The episode is a clear and living example on the obedience and willingness of a Prophet to uphold a heavy responsibility to strive and think of the most effective methods and strategies to carry out the commands of the Almighty to spread the teachings of Islam and to manage the lives of man and all creations based on His revelations.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. The Hijrah was the first step in forging the success of the Muslim ummah under the leadership of Prophet Muhammad towards creating a new civilisation and translating the divine revelations into reality with the setting up of the City State of Madinah.

Four core aspects are highlighted in the Islamic Government of Madinah. First, organisation and management; second, education and research, third, consolidation of land and its uses and fourth, cooperation and self-reliance.

A climber who reaches the peak of a high mountain is one who accurately reads every topographical line charted on a map and understands every bend, every challenge, covering aspects of height and gradient, wind speed, climate and the surrounding life.

A leader successful in handling challenges is one who is capable of interpreting current scenarios accurately and introducing relevant prescriptions. During the Hijrah, Prophet Muhammad faced a new environment, a new culture, new populace.

Among his early actions when the Prophet arrived in Madinah was to carry out a population census that was not limited to the number of residents in terms of gender, race and age but also covering manpower, education strength, literacy rate and religious beliefs. The data was used as the basis to plan and develop a system and pattern of state administration.

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