Bringing new projects to schools

IN The technology and education circles, FrogAsia is arguably a well-known name.

While most associate the company with the 1BestariNet project, a nationwide virtual learning platform for primary and secondary schools, FrogAsia has its hands full with other tech-related endeavours in schools.

At the moment, it’s the Leaps of Knowledge Conference that is the current focus of FrogAsia executive director Lou Yeoh.

“We know that exciting things are happening in schools across the country, and this is the chance for people to see all these changes in place,” said Yeoh. “By seeing what these teachers are doing, others can get ideas of what they themselves can do with their available resources – that’s what we want to inspire and encourage.”

The theme for its upcoming event on Thursday is “Inspiring Changemakers in Education”.

Among the feature speakers this year are educational psychologist Dr Susan Wilder, who has developed children’s programmes such as Blue’s Clues; Frog Education’s education director Alistair Smith, a popular speaker on teaching and learning methods; and Sport For Freedom founder Julia Immonen, who develops awareness raising campaigns on human rights issues using sports.

Yeoh added that Immonen was in Malaysia in June to talk to students about cultivating values in education.

“A lot of schools who picked up the “For Freedom” project will be also be showcasing their work at the conference.


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