Why Home Schooling is Becoming Increasingly Popular

Parents choose to home school for different reasons.  The reason is most commonly a need to provide moral instruction to their children, followed by a concern about public school environments.  In increasing numbers, parents are home schooling their children to evade state interference in the raising of their children, and to avoid the demands by school systems that their children be placed on anti-depressants, or other drugs that effect their minds.

Teachers have become the doctors in many schools, immediately making an A.D.D. diagnosis for any child who is defiant, disruptive, or who has difficulty focusing.  Then the teacher, with the full backing of the school, will direct the parents to a specific school-friendly doctor who is known for prescribing drugs after these referrals.  When parents refuse to comply, then the school systems often threaten to contact social services about the parents’ purported “abusive medical neglect”.  Of course, in reality, it is the schools which are abusing children in these cases, by denying them their basic human rights to be individuals without forced psychiatric medications.

Sending a child to an environment in which he is labeled as being ’sick’ whenever he shows any signs of individuality is bound to result in long-term emotional problems for the child.  Parental refusal to medicate children usually results in constant harassment by teachers.  A recommendation for drugging is made when a child is too quiet (needs antidepressants), too loud (A.D.D. drugs), defiant (anti-anxiety drugs), has difficulty concentrating (A.D.D. drugs), or is impulsive (A.D.D. drugs).  However, no testing is ever done on these children before the diagnosis and drugs are provided.  It remains evident that these ’symptoms’ are present in completely normal children; but nonetheless, the creative children with leadership abilities are a constant inconvenience for teachers who are fixated upon power and control.

Fears That Surround Home Schooling

There are plenty of parents out there who spend a lot of time considering home schooling, but always waiting until next year to make the leap.  In some cases, this is delayed forever.  One of the most common reasons is that parents worry about the costs involved.  However, home schooling can be free, especially for younger children.  The only pricing involved is that of books, and if you perservere, you can sometimes get those for free, too.  Compare this with the cost of moral degradation of children, forced prescriptions and constant battles with the school system.

Some parents fear that they do not have the knowledge to teach their children.  This only really becomes a problem at high school levels.  When that time comes, most home schooling parents simply buy the books necessary for their own refresher course, and use it to teach their children.  The internet is also available to teach anything that you wish to know.

by Sarah C. Corriher.

Read more @ http://healthwyze.org/index.php/component/content/article/360-the-rise-of-home-schooling.html

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