Taking the Leap: Moving from In-Person to Online Courses.

The landscape: You have taught a class in-person for five years and due to a variety of reasons you have the option to teach it online … next semester. You need to quickly transition your in-person curriculum into a creative and successful online course. Here are five steps to get you there.

Start by Chunking. Chunking refers to simplifying your content by breaking it into smaller, more manageable pieces. In thinking about the core elements of your units, you could chunk the content in many different ways to ensure a logical progression. The ultimate goal is to keep the work load about the same each week for students and offer a variety of learning tools and assessment within each unit.

Decide on Overall Structure. Course design, a critical element to any course, is crucial for online learning. It can make or break the class. A consistent and clear structure allows students to successfully engage with the material and meet expectations. Think about the overall structure. Outline the large picture content you cover each week as well as how you evaluate students. Will you have a quiz and forum each week? Do you give a small quiz each week and then a larger assignment or midterm and final? What are the point values? Decide on your changed point system. You will want to transition the course in two main ways: The first is the content (lectures, in class discussions, hands on work, etc.) and the second are the evaluations (pop quizzes, practice problems, midterm, and final).

by Jessica Harris and Sami Lange.

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