When teachers give too much

ALTHOUGH teachers are sometimes accused of not investing enough time or energy into their students’ learning as they should, at times it can be quite the other way round.

There are occasions when teachers can actually do a disservice to their students by giving too much and failing to recognise the fine line between teaching and learning.

It may however, not always be the fault of the teacher when she oversteps the teaching-learning boundaries and “over-teaches”. More often than not, she may be just fulfilling expectations which are to an extent tainted by some common misconceptions.

The more information the teacher conveys to her students; the longer she speaks or dominates the teaching-learning session in the classroom; the greater her role in “helping” students with their assignments or projects, the more efficient she is deemed to be.

A teacher who does not do as much for her students may very well be labelled as being less effective.

I have often wondered about this especially when someone starts talking about the “declining standards of education” in the country. Although many comments are unsubstantiated and tend to ignore context and settings, there is a measure of truth in them that we simply cannot afford to sweep aside. Have we, by placing expectations on teachers which are not really theirs to fulfil, created generations of students who do not recognise or understand their role as learners?

Is it this what has contributed to masses of students who still look to teachers to feed them with information, solutions, answers, and a sieved form of second-hand creativity?

Is it because teachers were expected to do even the thinking for students that we have ended up with students who are unable to think for themselves? And what about the teachers? It is not uncommon to hear complaints from teachers when new elements are added to the curriculum. Despite the fact that the changes or modifications are within the scope of their own subject content and expected teacher expertise, laments are often heard from teachers at the lack of guide books or ready-made packaged resources.

When workbooks or reference books do arrive in the market, there is a collective sigh of relief because now there is a source of instant, processed information which they can in turn repackage and deliver to their own students. The more there are of these, the better of course.


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