A renewed partnership

Britain sets sights on shared solutions with Malaysia throughout the education sector.

BRITAIN’s educational links with Malaysia, already on a firm footing, is set to move several notches up with both sides exploring fresh initiatives.

Five offshore British university campuses have already been set up in Malaysia starting with the University of Nottingham in 2000.

The other four university campuses here are Newcastle University Medical School, University of Southampton Engineering School, University of Reading and Herriot-Watt University.

About 60 British tertiary institutions already have links or collaborative arrangements with their Malaysian counterparts.

There are almost four times as many Malaysia-based students studying British higher education programmes than Malaysians studying in Britain.

About 15,000 Malaysians are currently studying in Britain, with another 58,000 individuals (including non-Malaysians based in Malaysia) either studying for British degrees or undertaking British professional qualifications in Malaysia – which is more than any other country in the world.

Building on success

British High Commissioner to Malaysia Vicki Treadell (pic) says the education sector has been a great success story for Britain in Malaysia and her country wanted to build on that.

Britain, she stresses, has what it takes to help Malaysia achieve its aim of becoming a regional hub for higher education.

Posted here last October, the envoy says the recently-launched Malaysia Education Blueprint (Higher Education) provides an avenue for Britain “to be part of the delivery solution.”

“This is something that we want to work very closely with Malaysia. Britain can be part of realising the vision and ambition that is in the Education Blueprint and I commend Malaysia for drawing it up,’’ she adds in an interview at her residence in Kuala Lumpur.

Treadell says while Britain remains a leader here in the “traditional model” of education – Malaysian students heading to Britain – the development of British universities investing in campuses here will drive Malaysia’s ambition and vision to become a regional education hub.


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