Parents must play their part in schools

The involvement of mums and dads in school projects brings about encouraging results for both students and their parents.

AS we are aware, the Malaysian Education System is slowly progressing towards a new system, where teachers are given more responsibilities in setting up the framework to produce well-rounded students.

We often hear teachers complain about how their paperwork takes too much of lesson-planning time. This is because teachers are often burdened with non-teaching chores and recording data online, compared to the conventional way of recording everything in a log book.

With more teachers complaining about this, it dawned on me to do my part to ease the situation.

I asked myself, what could I do to help and make sure that parents were more involved in the schooling process of their children? What could parents do to ease the teachers’ burden, to ensure the quality during contact hours in the classroom is not compromised because of their workload?

The intention was simple – to create students who are more holistic in academics, while building character at the same time.

My journey began last year when my eldest daughter (who was nine at the time) was selected to be part of a competition in school. It was only then that I seized the moment to be more involved, rather than perform the usual routine of dropping off and picking her up from school.

I took the initiative to be present during the students’ training sessions where I contributed my ideas.

Apart from that I became their guardian, mother, teacher and friend. That’s when I realised, we do not have to do much to show that we care and support these children; only give our time and attention.

I also grew closer to the teachers and they, too, were happy to see that as a parent, I was doing my part to ensure that the students were not participating in a competition for the sake of competing, but to also learn values for a lifetime.


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