SAM is now in Kota Kinabalu

KOTA KINABALU: Singapore Maths learning has arrived in the State capital with the franchisee, SAM, opening its doors at 88 Market Place.

“In Singapore Maths, we don’t just go through worksheets! SAMencourages learning through concrete, pictorial and abstract approach, where teachers are free to use any tools that children are familiar and love, to learn the concept of Maths.

Maths is about understanding and thinking development if children learn it the right way. Maths should not be learned through rote based memorization and procedurally. If they have to memorize and strictly follow rules without understanding it, they are no different from robot or calculator.”

Young children need the imagination to visualize word problems. Visualization helps children understand word problems. At SAM, we ask children to draw as we tell the word problems as stories.

Many of the Singapore top primary school students are given access to e-learning on top of classroom homework to differentiate the learning. Similar approaches are being adopted by top schools in US, Europe, and even our international schools.

SAM is pleased to announce that all our students will be given access to Matholia Singapore Maths e-learning tool, to provide the differentiation and to help our students to accelerate their Maths learning. Weaker students will learn more and quicker while stronger students will have the chance to learn beyond.

Identified by key experts as the 21st century model for education, Blended Learning is a new way of learning, with a mix of traditional pedagogical methods and new learning technologies.

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