Get this, we have bright teachers who shine

Regardless of the standards set for the teaching service, there are many educators who stand out simply because of their dedication, competence, creativity and intelligence.

IT was one of those forwarded messages that you sometimes get on your messaging applications or social networking websites.

A line or two which at first glance appears witty, a pun or play on words which seem harmless and even a little amusing.

No one really knows the original author, or intent and the message seems to have been put together a little carelessly.

A few eyebrows are raised, there are some smirks or “likes”, cynical remarks are passed and then the whole thing is forgotten.

Except that in the case of this particular message, I couldn’t dismiss it immediately although in retrospect I think I should have.

I can’t remember the exact words of the message – it wasn’t written in English.

But the gist of it was that if a particular person had been more intelligent, then he would not have chosen teaching as a profession.

He would in fact, have been “a pharmacist, doctor or engineer”.

It was a message composed with little thought, a false proposition, frivolous and not even worthy of a reaction.

And yet, those few lines triggered some internal “justification” and put every defensive cell on alert.

If you are a teacher and someone implies that teachers are not a very intelligent lot, it affects your professional pride and puts your back up.


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