IPG lecturers anxious over move to recall them as school teachers

KUALA LUMPUR: Up to 800 lecturers from the Teachers’ Training Institutes (IPG) nationwide may be recalled as school teachers, according to the National Union of the Teaching Profession.

NUTP secretary-general Datuk Lok Yim Pheng said the plan, which could affect between 200 and 800 people, had caused anxiety among the lecturers.

“Some of them will start asking among themselves whose turn it will be to go back to teaching in schools,” she said.

NUTP president Hashim Adnan said IPG lecturers had been feeling anxious ever since they were told that they would be required to return as school teachers at the start of 2016 for not having PhD qualifications as part of IPG’s transformation plan.

He said the rule was unfair to the veterans who might not possess a doctorate but had served a long time with the institutes.

“They are already over 50 years old and ready to retire as lecturers.

“To suddenly order them to go back as a school teacher two or three years before their retirement would challenge their reputation, as some would question the lecturers’ performance,” he added.

Another issue that worries the lecturers is the change of their usual school holidays leave to annual leave from next year.

Under the transformation plan, lecturers are not considered suitable anymore to enjoy the school holidays as they are no longer teachers.


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