SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah Conducted Talks and Drills on Fire Safety and Evacuation Procedures.

SIDMA College, UNITAR Sabah Property Administration Department collaborated with Student Affairs Department (STAD) and CUCMS to launch another “Fire Safety and  Evacuation Procedure Talk” by officers from Penampang District Fire and Rescue Department, The event was held at SIDMA Atrium and its Campus on 9 December 2015.

Ms Nancy Pishori, (Manager, Property and Administration Department) noted that this annual event is to ensure that all citizenship of SIDMA College, UNITAR Sabah are knowledgeable in fire prevention and emergency responses in the college. Other than allowing the building occupants to practice safe evacuation in case of an emergency, it also provides an opportunity for the relevant officers to evaluate the availability, accessibility, and the functionality of procedures and fire safety equipment and facilities such smoke detectors, alarms, fire extinguishers as well as emergency exits.

The talk among other things stressed the difficulty of identify fire hazards and advised all citizenship of the college to take proper steps to identify and report to SIDMA Security Personnel  for further actions to put it under control.

Staff and students were also shown on a step by step use of portable fire extinguishers; and given the opportunities to try on removing the pin in a fire extinguisher, taking aim while approaching the fire, squeezing the handles together to discharge the extinguishing agent inside and finally sweeping the fire to extinguish it.

Ms Nancy Pishori, on behalf of SIDMA Board of Management was given the honour to convey appreciation and present mementos the respective officers from the Penampang Fire and Rescue Department for the excellent sharing session with the college staff and students.

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