Sultan Nazrin: Religion is like time bomb if abused

IPOH: Religion is like a time bomb which can explode, triggering chaos and catastrophe if it is sensationalised for political purposes, said the Sultan of Perak Sultan Nazrin Shah.

Sultan Nazrin said the role of religion “is very sacred but at times it is desecrated by those who lacked wisdom.”

They tried to insert values, prejudices and personal agenda to champion and sensationalise certain issues, he said.

“On the other hand, when religion is used for purposes other than showing the divine spirit, especially when it is selected to be sensationalised politically, religion is a highly explosive bomb, with the potential to trigger chaos and catastrophe,” he said when opening the three-day ‘Muzakarah’ Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah here.

He said religion when fully understood, is an instrument of unity and justice, other than being capable of turning out a good society which has a soul and internal strength and subjugates to god.

“In the realities of history, the legitimacy of facts and rational thinkings are sunk and swept away by the currents of emotions,” Sultan Nazrin said.

Sultan Nazrin said the religious status of a person, whether he is destined for heaven or hell is decided by god, so it is unwarranted and contradictory with the call of God if the man himself chose to pass judgments on the status of the faith and piety of another man.

“The duties and responsibilities of men, especially those involved in directly managing and handling the affairs of religion are to urge others toward doing good and forbidding what is wrong.


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