SIDMA College, UNITAR Sabah towards Leadership Coaching.

Leadership coaching is needed today as catalyst for organizational change. It can facilitate productive change in subordinates, teams and systems by enhancing leaders, managers, and employees to unleash the untapped or hidden potentials. Change is very important for an organisation to grow and be adaptive to today’s dynamic challenges and rapidly shifting marketplace; thus enabling it to stay relevant.

Coaching for success is becoming a critical tool to enable rapid progress. Coaching sessions enable the coachee(s) to concentrate on the issues that are most critical to their performance, without the need of having lengthy retraining courses.

According to Bill Gates, who himself has several coaches; “Everyone needs a coach” in order to excel. The core is that coaches use powerful questions to bring out the best in people, helping one to reframe failure into success; instead of directing them to do what we think they should do in order to excel. Through asking questions in areas that their clients have never thought of, leaders can bring out trust, building stronger bonding, with added values, create respectful and clear communication, allowing their clients to speak, making them feel good about themselves; thus turning one weakness into strengths

In relation to this, Prof Dr Morni Hj Kambrie, (Chairman, SIDMA Board of Directors), and Puan Izah Binti Muhilin, (Manager, Human Resource Department) took the liberty to invite Dr. Michael Heah, (ICF Masters Certified Coach and author) from Business Coaching & Life Coaching and his team to immerse SIDMA College, UNITAR Sabah Managers, Heads of Departments, senior lecturers and staff to a “Dialogue with the Executive Coach” session at SIDMA College Conference Room on 27 January 2016.

During the brief but concise session, Dr Michael Heah gave invaluable practical coaching tips of what coaching is and is not, by relating it to many real life cases. He, too, coached the participants on ways to gain insights of developing coaching skills, and to fully appreciate the power of asking related questions leading to a compelling purpose. Dr Heah also helped participants to develop the right coaching questions, strategies and guidelines in order to develop better listening skills, thus preventing one from interrupting clients to offer a solution to their issues.

Dr Morni in his welcoming address thanked Dr Michael Heah and his team for their valuable time, and for their very inspirational and helpful dialogue session. He congratulated the Human Resource Department for their pro-activeness in organising this function, and appreciated the participants for their full engagement throughout the session.

Also present during the function were Puan Azlzah Khalid Merican (CEO) and Puan Azlina Ngatimin (Director, Corporate Relations and Business Development Department).

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