Malacca CM to reps: Don’t use race to gain popularity

He said racial harmony is the key for Malacca to become a successful and progressive state.

In his winding-up speech on the last day of the legislative assembly sitting on Thursday, Idris said the state has a rich history of how racial unity has thrived since the days of the Malacca Sultanate.

“We cannot regress to bigotry or give in to certain quarters over their selfish need to divide and rule.

“Hence, I urge all assemblymen to avoid using race as a means to gain popularity or serve their constituents,” he said.

Idris said the image of the state could be tarnished by racial remarks uttered by assemblymen, government officials or even those in the private sector.

“Those at management levels in the private sector should also be open-minded and avoid stereotyping their subordinates or employees,” he said.

Idris told the assembly that the state government will be fair to all and assist those who are genuinely in need without looking at colour or creed.


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