Essential for kids to have business skills

ENTREPRENEURSHIP is a component that has been mentioned in the Standard Docu-ment for the English Language Curriculum for primary schools.

According to the Standard Document, fostering the entrepreneurial mindset among pupils at a young age is an essential “tool” in today’s competitive and global age.

Some of the elements that are linked to entrepreneurship are creativity, innovation and initiative, which are also attributes for personal fulfilment and success.

The elements of entrepreneurship are to be incorporated in English language lessons through relevant and meaningful activities.

The English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC) in Enstek, Nilai organised an Outreach Carnival with the theme, “Entre-preneurship in the English Language Teaching Classroom” at its campus late last month.

It was in conjunction with World Book Day and Copyright Day.

Selected children from 12 primary schools in the vicinity and their teachers attended the two-day workshop-cum-presentation session.

Teacher trainees from IPG Kampus Teknik, and IPG Kampus Raja Melewar, both teacher education institutes in Negri Sembilan, were also invited for the event.

At the ELTC library, about 200 schoolchildren and 40 teacher trainees were exposed to the entrepreneurial elements through activities and workshops.

The teacher trainees in groups of five, were required to design a book cover. The maxim “do not judge a book by it’s cover” shows how important the cover of a book is for marketing purposes.

The teacher trainees were taught that resilience, creativity, self-belief and hard work were important skills to overcome life’s many hurdles and challenges.

The 200 children were placed in eight classrooms and were given entrepreneurial language activities.


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