Learning in a fun way

TEACHING and learning methods such as Play to Learn and Vedic Math may seem unconventional for some, but their proponents maintain these methods have been used effectively.

MathMonkey, which is headquartered in Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, runs the MathBrain educational enrichment programme where unorthodox and hands-on methods are used to grab young students’ attention.

“We want to make learning maths fun for our young students.

“We use play to learn and Vedic Math to educate and gain their interest in learning mathematics in different ways at a young age,” said MathMonkey Asia International Franchise consultant T.K. Lee.

The MathBrain programme is for children aged between four and 12.

Lee said instead of spoon-feeding students with answers, instructors at their centres allow students to think for themselves and come up with solutions, thus refining their thinking skills.

MathBrain instructor Harsimar Kaur, 25, said the play to learn concept helps students hone their thinking.

“When they solve mathematical problems through games, they compete with each other healthily,” she said.

Lessons in the MathBrain programme are divided into three parts.

First, students will have their homework checked, followed by revision through games such as the card game Snap.

Harsimar said playing games during revision is a method of refreshing her students’ memory from lessons learnt in their previous class.


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