30 years on, wait for strata titles continues

KOTA KINABALU: The Land Office has been urged to expedite the issuance of subsidiary titles to the owners of the low cost flats at Kepayan Ridge Phase 18 and 19, Blocks A1, A2, B2 and B5.

Api Api assemblywoman Christina Liew said Sale and Purchase Agreement stated that the developer would apply and obtain the subsidiary titles for the buyers of the flats.

Liew, who is also PKR Sabah deputy chairman, said that she first visited the low cost flats in April 2009 at the invitation of some of the residents over some longoutstanding problems such as lack of maintenance of their buildings and non-issuance of subsidiary titles since they bought their flats in 1988.

After her visit, on May 4, 2009, she wrote to LPPB (the developer), the City Hall Mayor, Assistant Minister to the Local Government Datuk Edward Yong, and the Director of the Land Office to look into these problems seriously and requested that they be rectified immediately, she said.

“I received a reply from LPPB on June 17, 2009 stating that OCs had been issued to the owners of the flats on January 24, 1992 and the Land Office had issued them an offer for the subsidiary titles on land title CL 015492501 since February 27, 2009. In the same letter, LPPB enclosed a copy of the OC dated January 24, 1992 and the copy of letter of offer from the Land Office approving the master CL title to LPPB.

“I had again, in August 2009, written to LPPB, DBKK requesting them to rectify some of the structural defects in the buildings but received no reply from any of them. I then left the issue of application for subsidiary titles to LPPB and the Land Office. he land director had also agreed to issue the subsidiary titles within threemonths after the last election, in May 2013,” she said.

However, Liew lamented it has been seven years of waiting from the time when LPPB was offered the master title No. CL 015492501 (on 27th February 2009); some of the owners and residents again raised the issue of subsidiary titles to her today; many complained that they have not received the subsidiary titles till today.

“I was taken by surprise when the residents informed me the subsidiary titles have not been issued to the individual units yet. Without the subsidiary titles, the owners of the flat are unable to form a management cooperative to manage and maintain the general state of affairs for these flats and its surroundings, including the open space, walkway, drains, cleanliness. As of today, there is no management cooperative for any of these flats.

“I will write to the Land Office and LPPB to verify if the subsidiary titles have been issued to the owners or not. After all, it has been almost 30 years since they bought the flats. If the subsidiary titles have not been issued, then it is impossible for the owners and residents to form a management cooperative to manage the flats and its surroundings. The duty and responsibility goes back to LPPB, who is the developer,” she stressed.

Liew, who visited the area yesterday, also said that what she witnessed in Block A6 No. 36-2 was really shocking.

She claimed the building is in a dilapidated condition with structural defects and along the corridor, slabs of concrete ceiling had fallen off exposing the iron bars, pillars were severely cracked, live electrical wiring hanging around almost to the ground and telephone lines hanging around and being tied back temporarily.

All these posed danger to the residents, especially to the children who may accidentally touch the live electrical wires as they move around the areas. The repair of such defects should be on an urgent basis before any untoward incidents happen to anyone living there, she said.

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