Student who skipped school to care for dad, gets to sit for PT3

A female student who had to skip classes for a month to take care of her ailing father is grateful to be able to sit for her Form 3 Assessment (PT3), which started on Monday.

She thanked Kuala Nerang assemblyman Datuk Badrul Hisham Hashim for making it possible for her to sit for the examination at her new school at SMK Padang Terap.

Nurul Fatin Aina, the second of four siblings from Kampung Padang Chenderai, said she did not expect to be able to sit for the examination after being absent from school for a month as she had to take care of her father, Badrul Hisham Tajuddin, 43, who was bedridden after a stroke in August.

“I just did not know what to do and was confused. I wanted to sit for the PT3 examination, but how can I leave my father,” said the former SMK Taman Ria, Sungai Petani student.

She thanked the Kuala Nerang assemblyman for helping to arrange for a transfer to the new school, which is nearer to where her father stays.

Nurul Fatin Aina said she studied hard to catch up with the lessons she missed in school.

“I hope I will be able to do well and achieve satisfactory results,” she added.

Nurul Fatin Aina and her younger sister, Nurul Farawahida, 11, had been living with her mother in Sungai Petani after their parents separated in 2008.


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