Passengers to pay higher airport charges from January

PETALING JAYA: Passengers on domestic and international flights will now have to pay between RM2 and RM18 more for their Passenger Service Charge (PSC) at both KLIA and KLIA2 from January next year, but will pay RM30 less to ASEAN destinations.

In a statement Monday, the Malaysian Aviation Commission (Mavcom) announced that the new charge for domestic travellers is now fixed at RM11 at both KLIA and KLIA2, an increase of RM2 and RM5 respectively.

The revised rates will take effect on Jan 2017 and will only be applicable to tickets issued from that date onwards.

International passengers from KLIA will have to pay RM73 (up RM8 from RM65 previously), while the charge at KLIA2 will be RM50 (up RM18 from RM32 previously).

However, charges for travel to ASEAN countries will be standardised at RM35 at both airports, RM30 less than before.

“The introduction of new and lower PSC tier for travels to ASEAN countries from major airports in Malaysia will make Malaysia the first ASEAN country to introduce such a tier,” it said.

Mavcom said the gradual equalisation of the PSC at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and KLIA2 will be introduced in stages to facilitate a more level playing field.

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