Passing UPSR with flying colours

SUSPENSE filled the air as the 46 pupils who sat for the UPSR at SJK(T) Ladang Edinburgh in Kuala Lumpur waited for their results to be read out.

One pupil obtained 8As, two got 6As and one got 5As.

Sri Darshini Thiruselvam, 12, who scored 8As, said: “Although I got 8A’s in my trial exam, I didn’t expect to get the same results (in the actual exam) because the Mathematics paper was very difficult.” Her mother, Balwir Kaur, who was on her way to the school when the results were announced, swung by a shop to get her daughter’s favourite chocolate to celebrate.

“Darshini had been preparing for this exam since January. At home, she spent most of her time studying. I would tell her, ‘Enough!’ and ask her to go to sleep or to take a break.

“It is just an exam. It is not the end of the world!” said Balwir.

Darshini’s schoolmate, Devyaan Mageswaran, who scored 6As, said: “The exam was hard, especially the Tamil and English paper as it asked a lot of tough questions.”

Devyaan credits his good results to the school, which held extra classes six days a week, and to his mother, Vasantha Ramachandaran, who “helps me study, gives me advice, and takes care of me”.

Vasantha said she was happy with his results.

“This is the first year that the UPSR format has changed, and also the first time the pupils sat for a second English paper.”

Prior the the exam, the diligent mother helped her son prepare by going online and getting different papers for him to practice with.

“Because of the new syllabus, we couldn’t practice by doing past year questions.

“So I would visit online parent groups to get question papers from different schools and states. These were shared by parents,” she said.

Prisha Mahendran also obtained 6As. “I was hoping to get 8As. I was not used to the new format, but I tried my best,” she said.

To celebrate her results, she said her parents would be taking her out to eat.

SJK(T) Ladang Edinburgh headmistress Theresa Ayyakkannu was happy with her pupils’ performance.

“We have a 100% passing rate for Mathematics and Science.

“The passing rate for all the other subjects have also improved,” she said.

She praised everyone including the pupils’ parents and teachers for their hard work.

“The teachers put in a lot of time and energy, even coming to school during the weekends to teach extra classes. Parents cooperated with the school and our pupils have put in a lot of effort too,” she added.


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