Feng Shui master: 2017 the year of new opportunities

KUALA LUMPUR: 2017, the year of the ‘fire Rooster’ in the Chinese zodiac is dubbed as the “Year of New Opportunities”, says a feng shui master.

Kenny Hoo said based on the annual ‘Ba Zi’ and ‘Gua’ in feng Shui, there would be light at the end of the tunnel and a lot of good opportunities this year.

“Basically, there will be challenges in various fields during the first quarter of the year; however there will be signs of improvement after that,” he told Bernama during a Chinese New Year dinner organised by AkzoNobel here.

Hoo said 2017 would be a good year for business players to plan ahead with greater innovation and creativity for their greater advancement.

“There will be more new and innovative business opportunities emerging this year. Wise selection of business partners can bring about unprecedented returns in the mid to long term.

“However, for those who cannot withstand the wave of changes and challenges, they will be easily wiped off from the market space,” he cautioned.

Hoo said ‘water’ is the key element for 2017 as shown in the annual Ba Zi chart, which is the mediating factor to bring about agreement or reconciliation for better harmony and prosperity.

“Water is synonymous with blue, hence Blue is the colour of 2017.

Incorporating more blue into your home or workspaces, or using blue items such as daily wear and furniture will boost one’s luck and energy level,” he said.

In regard to the 12 Chinese Zodiacs, Hoo said 2017 would be “a lovely and romantic year” for those born in the year of the Rat, Monkey and Dragon.

“There will be lots of couples lining up for marriage, moving into new houses and having babies… Painting some Red or Purple colour in the southeast sector of their house can further enhance the baby luck for married couples.

“It will be a more fruitful year for them too as obstacles and challenges in 2017 will be resolved with help from good noble persons,” he said.

However, Hoo said, the three zodiacs must take extra care in health, particularly with regard to the digestive, respiratory system, liver and eyesight, in the months of February and August.

He said those born in the year of the Snake, Rooster and Ox, would also have lots of advancement academically this year but must be extra careful in personal safety when travelling in March, September and December.

“For Rooster – they must particularly take care of their health and are highly encouraged to go for regular checkup this year,” he said.

2017 will be a busy year for those born in the year of the Boar (pig), Rabbit and Goat as there will be more travelling; thus they must be extra careful while on the road in the months of March, May and September.

“There will be higher chance for them in property transactions, move to new houses or office space in 2017; minor renovations such as repainting the existing house or office can enhance health and wealth luck,” said Hoo.

For the Tiger, Horse and Dog, this year will be fruitful and prosperous as they will have greater wealth and better luck, especially when it comes to love, relationship, wealth and career advancement.

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