Take The Time To Plan Right

How do you put this to work for your own career?

  1. Spend time planning your career but do not plan so rigidly that you are not open to other interesting options. Be open to other options and be flexible to outside ideas.
  2. Career planning is not like party planning; It does not just happen and then it is over. You have to keep working on it. The general idea is to keep updating one’s resume, get more experience, whether part-time, free lance or even from a permanent position. Get necessary certifications if it is required for the field you are looking to work in. In order to do so, you may aim to do one career-building task every week. Sometimes your weekly career-builder task is also something you need to do for your job. For example, suppose your manager asks you to give a presentation, use it as an opportunity to enhance your presentation skills by using a presentation software (such as power point). Not only will your presentation be professional and polished, you will also know a new program that you can add to your resume under software skills.
  3. Enquire more about your preferred career from friends and family (in the right industry) about how they got to where they are. Once you have heard what they have to say, then you may be able to assess and position yourself correctly.
  4. Aim to make money at your career, but take time planning your moves. If you can afford it, taking a position that will help you develop a skill for your career is better than an unrelated job that pays well.
  5. Shape your career, do not let it shape you! Decide what you want your career to be and make your opportunities match that. At times, you may be forced into taking up roles that you may not desire by your employers, however, you should take these roles to your advantage as it may serve as an opportunity to acquire new skills.
  6. Spend time looking for paid opportunities to learn transferable skills. For example, a fresh graduate recently never intended to turn teaching aerobics into a career. But it gave her great leadership and teaching skills. That experience was a big help when she applied to start her college teaching career.

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