EKSA to be expanded to Sabah schools

Ravia (second left) was very satisfied with the conducive environment of the school library.

TAMBUNAN: State Education director Datuk Hajah Maimunah Haji Suhaibul said that expanding the Ecosystem Conducive Public Sector (EKSA) to schools throughout the state is in line with the success of the department that obtained the 5S certification from MAMPU in 2011 and 2013.

She said this step continued at all district education offices across the state and has successfully achieved EKSA certification from MAMPU in 2014.

“We are very proud of this achievement because the state Education Department was the first to successfully gain the 5S recognition and EKSA certification and best practices should be extended to schools throughout the state,” she said when launching the EKSA program for secondary and primary schools here at SM St Martin on Thursday.

Maimunah’s speech was read by the Head of Information Management and ICT Sector of the State Education Department, Ravia Sylvester.

Maimunah said the expansion of EKSA to schools will get started with 24 primary schools and 24 secondary schools across the state.

However, she said several schools had already received recognition from EKSA andcertification of MAMPU with proactive action, tenacious efforts on guidance from the District Education Office and Lift Sector respectively.

“I am sure a lot of challenges and obstacles were faced by the four schools, but they finally gained EKSA certification from MAMPU.

“The schools that we are proud of are SMKA Tun Ahmad Shah Kota Kinabalu, SMKA Mohammad Ali Ranau, SM St Michael Penampang and SMKA Kota Kinabalu,” she said.

According to her, the schools selected for expansion should emulate the four schools that have successfully acquired the certification of EKSA from MAMPU.

She said the main components of EKSA based practice in 5S (Aside, Arrange, Sweep, Standardize and Always Practice) have been improved with the addition of elements of corporate image, creativity and innovation, green practices, conducive environment and the diversity of the agency.

“In the context of 21st century education is emphasized in the Malaysian Education Development Plan (2013-2025), a conducive learning environment will help improve the quality of learning and teaching in the classroom.

“Practicing EKSA will help the efficiency of management at the school level as the benefits of EKSA implementation are outlined such as improved quality of service to customers, a more cheerful workplace atmosphere, cost savings, increased creativity and innovation, an increased level of safety and increase the spirit of teamwork,” she said.

Maimunah said based on the benefits and positive impact as well as the consistent implementation of EKSA with slogan, JPN Sabah No. 1 Leading Change, the management review meeting (MKSP) of State Education Department last year, held on November 21 decided that EKSA should be extended to schools throughout the state.

She said the 48 pilot schools will be exposed, guided and audited before the assessment is implemented from MAMPU.

According to her, to ensure this aspiration is achieved, the State Education Department through its Lift Sector and the District Education Office will make sure this aspiration can be implemented in schools according to the plan based on the PDCA cycle so that targeted schools managed to get recognition and EKSA certification.

by Johan Aziz.

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