14 from SMK Tawau get excellent results

TAWAU: Fourteen students of SMK Tawau achieved excellent results in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2016 examination, with Mohd Syafiz Qayyum Jamihil @ Jamil one of the best students in Sabah for obtaining 6A+ and 4A’s.

Mohd Syafiz Qayyum, who was accompanied by the school headmistress, Fitriani Binti Wahid, flew to Kota Kinabalu to receive his certificate from the Education Ministry Thursday.

The other 13 top scorers were Endry Yusuf Mohd Ali (1A+, 4A, 5A-), Ho Li Vun (3A+, 5A, 2A-, 1B+), Muhammad Fadlih Baharudin (3A+, 4A, 2A-,1B), Muhammad Ismula Ikhwn Kassim (2A+, 3A, 4A-), Zainab Yusuf (3A+, 4A, 2A-, 1B+), Nur’ Nashatul Abu Bakar (5A+, 4A), Nur Farah Ain Natasha Nicholas (5A, 4A-,1B), Sim Shiang Yung (1A+, 6A, 1A-, 1B+, 1B), Nur Fadillah Mohamad@Dukah (4A, 4A-,1C+), Nur Syahirah Alim (7A, 1A-, 1B+), Nur Fatimah Yusran (4A+, 3A, 1A-, 2B+), Nur Anis Syahirah Ashari (2A+, 4A, 2A-, 2B+) and  Aida Farhana Alias (6A, 2A-, 1C+).

The school has achieved an overall passing rate of 96.25 per cent (GPS 4.19) in SPM 2016 compared to 94.27 per cent (GPS 4.52) in 2015.

The number of candidates who sat for SPM 2016 was 293.

“I urge the candidates for SPM 2017 to study diligently in order to obtain excellent results in the examinations,” Endry said.

Ho said that all students should have their own target in order to achieve excellent results.

Having a clear target is very important to achieve their ambition in the future.

Meanwhile, six students of SM Holy Trinity, Tawau, scored excellent results in their SPM 2016 with an overall school passing rate of 81.31 per cent compared to 78.89 per cent in 2015.

The school excellent headmistress, Chow Yuet Lee, said there were 112 candidates who sat for the SPM and only 87 of them passed.

The overall school average grade (GPS) was 5.69, a slight increase of 0.14 from 5.83 in 2015.

The top scorers were Nur Jannah Binti Sarkansah (straight 10As), Rashiema Nurfarain Binti Rasid (8A’s), Mimi Khairunnisa Binti Zachary (8A’s), Macklern Norbert (5A’s), Nur Syahirah Bt Suriansah (5A’s) and Tsen Jing Jing (5A’s).

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