Ex-judge: Those guilty of corruption should be jailed.

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Court of Appeal judge Datuk Mohd Noor Abdullah said those found guilty of corruption should be jailed instead of being fined a paltry amount compared to the vast sums of money gained from the crime.

He also slammed judges who mete out sentences in corruption cases which are not commensurate with the crime committed.

“What has happened to our judges?

“Corruption cases involving money end up being punished with fines, and the amount is such that the criminal can still profit after being fined. True or not?” Mohd Noor asked.

The former judge, who is a member of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s Anti-Corruption Advisory Board (ACAB), said he wants to remind judges that corruption cases often involve lots of money.

“But in some cases which go to court … What is the punishment?

“A fine. How much is the fine? It’s nowhere near the amount of money lost because of corruption.

“The sentence is sometimes not commensurate with the offence.

“So, send them (those found guilty of corruption) to prison, then we can say you are contributing to justice,” he said.


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