Public WiFi can be used to spread ransomware, say experts.

PETALING JAYA: With ransomware on the rise, even public WiFi networks are no longer safe, according to ethical hackers C.F. Fong and Foe Chee Kang.

An ethical hacker is a person who hacks into a computer network in order to test or evaluate its security, rather than for malicious or criminal intent.

The two were speaking on The Couch, a live talk show by R.AGE, where they also demonstrated how easy it is to infect a computer with malware through a fake public WiFi account.

“If we set a WiFi account like this at an airport or hotel, we would have access to so many people’s information,” said Fong, the chief executive officer of cyber security firm LGMS.

Fong also gave the live audience tips on protecting themselves from cyber attacks.

He advised people to never use pirated software, to update their software regularly, and keep physical backups of their data.


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