Unemployed grads remains an issue

KOTA KINABALU: Graduates unable to gain employment remains an issue that needs to be addressed holistically. Former Higher Education Minister, Tan Sri Shafie Salleh (pic) said that it was among the issues he wanted to tackle when he was appointed Higher Education minister in 2004.

“According to studies conducted, the problem is still prevalent but what the government is trying to do now is to groom the students not to be employees but to be entrepreneurs.

“Therefore the entrepreneurship component must be injected into the higher education syllabus from the very beginning instead of when the students have already graduated.

“When I was in the USA, every student had a business card because they are taught the subject from the first year, and they are also encouraged to form a company within the campus.

“If we don’t do that, everyone will be depending on the government. The government has already been taking care of them since pregnancy, primary school, secondary school, and university.

“Without entrepreneurial skills, they would depend on the government on employment,” he said when met at the 11th Global Congress and Conferment Ceremony at Menara Tun Mustapha here yesterday.

Shafie also suggested that Malaysian graduates should emulate their counterparts in Australia who enrol into community colleges to acquire hands-on skills upon graduating with engineering degrees from universities.

That way, he said, will make the graduates more marketable as they do not only acquire theoretical knowledge from universities but also practical skills from the community colleges.


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