Parents and pupils welcome PPSR

PETALING JAYA: Parents and pupils have welcomed the Primary School Assessment Report (PPSR) as part of the Year Six UPSR results.

Venyaa Sivakumar was one of the 59 Year Six pupils at SK USJ2, Subang Jaya, who sat for the UPSR or Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah.

“I don’t know what to feel as my emotions are all over the place but I am thankful for my results.

“It is a good change (to the system) because not every pupil is academically inclined and neither is everyone into sports and extracurricular activities

Proud of her overall achievement, Venyaa’s mother Rajes Mutthusamy, 44, welcomed the new move.

“Holistically assessing pupils beyond their academic ability is certainly better than the previous methods,” she added.

Delighted with her results, Year Six pupil Aina Atiqah Mohd Afzan said despite being the school head prefect, she managed to pay equal attention to her studies as well as the various components involved.

Jumping for joy: (From left) Aina, Atiqah Marissa Marzuki, Venyaa Sivakumar, Zaira Nadheera Ammar and Nur Alya Zulaikha Zafri Zin celebrating their UPSR results in Subang Jaya.

Jumping for joy: (From left) Aina, Atiqah Marissa Marzuki, Venyaa Sivakumar, Zaira Nadheera Ammar and Nur Alya Zulaikha Zafri Zin celebrating their UPSR results in Subang Jaya.

“The new format is definitely better and I feel it assesses us fairly.

“To enter good schools, we must be excellent in every aspect and not just in academics,” said the pupil who obtained 5As and 1B.

Her mother, Suriyati Maidin, 40, praised the ministry’s decision for not disclosing how schools perform in the UPSR.

“This way, you produce more holistic learners because it is not balanced for children to just focus on exams and not involve themselves in extracurricular activities,” she said.

She believes it is good for their overall learning curve.

The school’s English teacher, who only wanted to be known as Kong, also agreed with the move saying it is commendable to have an assessment as holistic as the PPSR as pupils are not merely evaluated based on their grades.

“Some may be good in sports while some are perhaps more academically inclined.

“As an educator, I welcome this move because if we are stuck with the 20th century’s ways of teaching and learning, we will not move on,” she added.

Starting this year, Education director-general Datuk Dr Amin Senin said Year Six pupils would no longer be judged formally based on the number of As they score in their UPSR examination but will also receive formal reports for sports, physical and curricular activities assessment, classroom assessment and psychometric assessment.

“All these components are part of the PPSR,” he said when announcing the analysis yesterday.

“A large portion of pupils showed good and excellent achievements in co-curricular activities,” he said, adding that only 0.2% of pupils were not up to par.

He said 5.6% received an A while 68.9% (302,018 pupils) scored B for their co-curricular assessment.

Dr Amin said the physical assessment showed that 189,929 pupils (43.9%) were active, 168,101 (38.8%) were very active while 40,957 (9.5%) were highly active.

He also said that 63.4% (268,314) had a normal body mass index (BMI) while 13.4% (56,584) were obese and 9.5% (40,347) were underweight.

There were seven constructs for the psychometric assessment with 77.7% showing existential tendencies, 77.3% being more intrapersonal, 68.9% interpersonal, 63.2% naturalistic, 54.4% kinesthetic, 50.3% inclined towards mathematical logic and 43.4% showing visual space tendencies, said Dr Amin.

“The number of pupils scoring straight As this year (in UPSR) increased by 1% to 8,958 (2.1%),” said Dr Amin.
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