Parents will suffer if they overlook children’s formative years

(File pix) Children are innocent and receptive to new ideas and influences.

THE issue of discipline in schools has attracted much attention from parents and academicians.

Two years ago, I shared my views on to how to bring up children and groom them into well-balanced and academic individuals.

As a parent of two adult children, I would like to share my experience on how I guided them to behave responsibly and inspired them to do well in their studies.

From their childhood to adulthood, they were never scolded or caned to discipline or correct their behaviour.

Instead, I guided them to develop a character that could lead them to the right path. Since young, they understood the importance of discipline and good behaviour.

Children are innocent and receptive to new ideas and influences. They will gain wisdom as they grow.

A child’s character and personality are established by 7. It is important that parents shouldn’t overlook this period of development

My children were not pampered, instead, they were guided to learn good behaviour as they grew.

When they were 1½ years old, they were taught to fiddle with pencils and were exposed to fun learning. They were also guided when to have fun playing with their friends.

I cannot recall any moment that my children had not done their best to impress me in their studies when I began coaching them as toddlers.

Although the journey was tedious and challenging, I cherish every moment of our time together.

Learning together was also time for us to bond.

Children emulate parents’ positive and negative traits, more so when parents are their first teachers and guardians.

If your children misbehaved and are reprimanded by the school authorities, you shouldn’t overreact.

You should examine what had gone wrong in the character development process before overcoming the problem.

To cope with the increasing cost of living, many parents are working hard to make ends meet.

Unfortunately, if you overlook the character-building process of your children during their formative years, not only do you have to pay a high price, you will also feel guilty for your oversight.

Many parents thought that schools could turn problematic children into a well-behaved people in a short period of time. Teachers, too, are humans.


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