SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah 2018 First Staff Gathering

SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah 2018 First Staff gathering was held in conjunction with the ushering climax of 2018 Chinese New Year Celebration at SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah. The highlight of the special event held on 23rd February 2018 at SIDMA Atrium was a special one-hour Lion Dance Performance from Wan San Long Yi Dragon and Lion Dance Association ushering the “2018 Year of the Dog” for good fortune and prosperity.

In his opening address at the gathering, Dr Morni Hj Kambrie (Founder and Chairman, SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah), extended his warmest wishes to every staff of SIDMA College attending the function as it was also a special event to bring together SIDMA staff from diverse background to a united SIDMA Family and reflect as well as to consolidate together on the objectives, vision and mission of the college.

Dr Morni thanked all his employees for all the incredible work done together as one big family, wishing them the very best, and pray for all of their dreams and aspirations to come true. Together, you bring so much to the table, and I am so pleased. Have a great, happy and brilliant new year, and enjoy lots of good cheer, he added.

Dr Morni also shared his aspirations of introducing other disciplines of studies, as currently SIDMA College has been very focus on certain niche field such as education. He felt that now it’s also timely to collaborate with other renowned and established institutions of higher education offering other disciplines of studies. Such actions will enable SIDMA to be more inclusive, reaching out to other related communities and assist them to transform to be more successful citizens, which is very much in line with the country’s aspiration of National Transformation 2050 (TN50).

Such actions will also challenge SIDMA’s lecturer to be more multidisciplinary in their approach towards their teaching, comparing to current practice where their approach are more intra-disciplinary.

During the unique event, the troupe of five “colourful, adorable and lively lions” graced the college compound amidst the beating drums, cymbals, and gongs. The lions, which symbolise power, wisdom, and good fortune ushering everlasting good luck, cheers, happiness, peace, friendship, longevity and prosperity for the rest of the year.

SIDMA staff, students as well as toddlers from SIDMA Didi Childcare Centre watched in awe as the lion leaped and crossed stilts from one to another, performing their acrobatic manoeuvres, and gasped as it feigned falling over, thus capturing the attention of the amazed audience from the college as well as outsiders. The lion, while still crouching and balancing on pillars, presented a Prosperity Scroll to Dr Morni, who in returned presented Ang Pow package to the crouching lion.

SIDMA College staff gathering is never complete without staffs’ Birthday Celebration. For this gathering, staff who celebrate their birthday on the month of January and February 2018 were specially invited to cut their birthday cake and blow their birthday candles while fellow staff singing “Happy Birthday” song.

During these special event, three staff with new born babies were invited to receive the congratulatory package. Dr Morni also presented condolences token to Madam Riga on the demise of her late father, the late Mr Lenggean.

The Red Team, organiser of this staff gathering also arrange various fun-based activates such “Let’s Drink Tenom Coffee”, “The Six Continents Quest” and more for the four other teams to compete and unwind themselves. Yellow Team emerged as the Champion, whereas Green Team and Blue Team were first and second runner-up respectively.

High tea was served to all the participants at the closing of the event.

Mr Arnin Asidin, Red Team leader extended his sincere thanks, appreciation and congratulations to all. Colleagues for their cooperation and collaboration to make the gathering a successful one.

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