The Student Counselling Unit of SMK Tun Fuad, Kiulu recently organized a two day motivational program for its SPM and PT3 exam year students. Towards this end, chairman of SIDMA College UNITAR Sabah, Dr. Morni Kambrie was invited to present his signature lecture “Gelombang Motivasi Perdana” to the students.

The event, which was initiated by Cikgu Atin Gitom Head of the school Career and Counselling Unit, was held at the school hall on 20 February 2018 and attended by more than 500 secondary school students. Also in attendance were the school Principal, Madam Lokuim Gintos as well most of the secondary school teachers.

Dr Morni, who was accompanied by Ms Melissa Marcus Molijol, SIDMA College Students Counsellor, as well as Ms Jennifer Balanting, a former UNITAR graduate currently working as a freelance motivator; kicked off the event by inspiring the students about education and their expectation from it. According to Dr Morni, students can have the best teachers and the most supportive parents, and be in the best schools but if they are not focussed and lacked direction, they will not be able to unleash their best potential and achieve the highest that they can get.

He also stressed that everyone can achieve the highest in education, and he presented himself as a possible example the student could learn from because he came from a poor family, and at one time when he was in Primary 3 his family did not have their own house and were squatting at a house belonging to his father’s friend.

About examinations, Dr Morni affirm that examinations are the most wonderful thing in any human’s life. They are litmus test of our abilities, strength, and self-management. Those who are scared of it have failed from the very beginning. Thus all students must never be scared of examinations. Learn to like it, and when you begin to like it, you will love to take any examination.

Dr Morni also advised the students to think of what’s next after their SPM examination. “Your hopes and dreams can be the key to your understanding of who you are, what you want, and even how to reach your goals”. Dr Morni also shared his own personal experience from being a lowly “kampong” boy, selling cakes which his mother made every morning from house to house in his village; but by holding on to his precious dream of earning his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) plus his strong personality of always aiming high, have brought to as he is today.

Student Counsellor Ms Melissa Marcus Molijol also spoke at the event and advised the students that it is very important for them to make the right study choice for their tertiary education.” By finding out which field of study you are interested in, you will be able to determine a good career match for yourself, she added. She too, conducted free personality tests for the students to find out more about who they are; their strengths; and more; which can be very helpful and valuable information for them to know prior to choosing the right career.

Madam Lokuim Gintos, Principal of SMK Tun Fuad, Kiulu, in her closing address conveyed sincere appreciation and thanks  to Dr Morni and SIDMA College for their genuine and continuous efforts to complement and supplement existing Sabah Education Department programmes and efforts to upgrade the quality and quantity of Education. She hoped that Dr Morni and his team of educators will always be blessed with the necessary strength and supports to continuously providing the necessary assistance to all schools. Through such collaboration and cooperation between the public and the private sectors in the field of education will ensure the success of our students to meet the country’s demands for 21st century.

Read more @ http://www.sabah.sidma.edu.my/index.php/others/138-dr-morni-s-motivational-talk-to-smk-tun-fuad-kiulu-students

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