Student uses smartphone improve on her studies

PUTATAN: One of Sabah’s top 39 students, Vivianty Mayok, has revealed that she used her smartphone to help her in her studies.

“I do a lot of research using my smartphone, especially for the General Knowledge (Pengajian Am) and Bahasa Melayu subjects since both focus a lot on current issues,” she told press members at SMK Putatan yesterday.

Vivianty, from Kolej Tingkatan Enam Kota Kinabalu, said that using the technology had helped a lot in her studies. She added that she hoped to become a teacher one day and planned to apply to go into the teachers college in Perak, Kuala Kangsar.

SMK Putatan’s Sport Science lecturer, Ferdinand Saidol Muntoh, shared that his students were reaping the benefits of using the present technology in their quest for knowledge. He explained that through the use of websites, such as YouTube, his students were able to learn more than just through reading books.

“They could see how things work and it helps tremendously in their learning,” he said.

He added that he also used his smartphone to help him explain things better to his students while in class. And, with the help of technology, he said his students were able to present their findings to their peers in class – a method that not only raises their confidence in public speaking but also help them become better at communicating their ideas to audience.

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