Labelling leads to elitism

Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) would like refer to the Letter written by Joe Chelliah, Seremban (NEW STRAITS TIMES 5 February 2010 – HPS : LABELLING LEADS TO ELITISM).

The Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) main intention in recognizing and establishing High Performing Schools (HPS) was not to segregate or label schools under its administration, instead the notion was to give due recognition to those schools which have given their best efforts in all aspects pertaining to education. Thus, the initiative by MOE to acknowledge HPS is primarily to help boost their morale and desire to achieve greater accomplishments whether at national or international stage.

With the set up of HPS, this will positively help to pave way for our government’s vision in making the education system of Malaysia a world class. Schools which have not been selected this year, still have a chance to improve and be part of HPS for the years to come whether in 2011 or 2012 if they have successfully achieve excellent results in academic, extra-curricular activities as well as other specified criteria under the HPS stringent requirements.

Assessment Instruments used in selecting High Performing Schools (HPS) are based on School Grade Point Average (GPA), Verification Malaysia Standard Quality for Education and 5 Annexes elements which are;
· Towering personalities
· Recognition and award received from both national and international level
· Linkages programmes with institution of higher learning (colleges or universities)
· School networking programmes at international and national level
· As benchmark for other schools.

HPS main functions:
· As benchmark and role model for other schools to emulate.
Conduct networking programmes with schools within its vicinity by means
of sharing facilities,teachers’ expertise as well as Principal’s knowledge and experience.

These elements may in fact help to strengthen the ties between HSP and other schools.
With regards to students intake to HPS, States Education Division have a say in this matter, thus issue on misuse of authority will not arise.

HPS was in fact drafted based on the Cluster Schools of Excellence framework. A few vernacular schools have also been acknowledged as cluster schools such as SJKC Keat Hwa (H) Alor Setar, SJK(C) Lick Hung Subang Jaya, SJKC Tung Hua Sibu in addition to a few others which show that all schools in Malaysia have been given opportunity to showcase their accomplishments.

Corporate Communication Unit,
Ministry of Education Malaysia.

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