Unemployed graduates urged to register with Sabah Job Portal

Datuk Dr Yusof Yacob

KOTA KINABALU: Graduates who have yet to gain employment are encouraged to register with Sabah Job Portal (SJP) under the Ministry of Education and Innovation, to gain a wider range of job prospects.

Education and Innovation Minister Datuk Dr Yusof Yacob said companies both local and international could access SJP to scout for potential employees and recruit them based on qualifications and criteria.

This would make it more convenient for employers while at the same time combat graduate unemployment in the state, which is one of the highest nationally.

“Unemployed graduates can create a profile on the SJP platform, which we are working towards linking to government bodies as well as private companies.

“There are currently about 27,000 unemployed people in Sabah so we hope they all register with SJP by the year end,” said Yusof.

The initiative to revive and fortify SJP under the Ministry of Education and Innovation is in line with the target of creating up to 650,000 jobs by the year 2023, said Yusof, which he is optimistic of achieving.

“Given current developments, I can see us achieving that target. With the positive indication of investors looking to set up factories in Sabah, there will surely be job opportunities that come with it.

“It is quite impossible for a country to achieve zero per cent unemployment, but less than five per cent is as good as zero. In the end, we don’t want there to be the issue that there is no place to find a job,” he said

Yusof added that the Ministry was currently focusing on widening the SJP database to provide more options for employers, as well as create a larger platform for graduates.

SJP is not something new but has been under-publicised, said Yusof, which will no longer be the case as the Ministry also plans to link the platform with universities in future.

“There has not been much recruitment through SJP as many companies are still unaware of its existence and turn to their own means of recruiting, such as through advertisements. But we will publicise SJP more aggressively to fully benefit from it.

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