‘Easier to learn when it’s fun’

KUALA LUMPUR: Students will be able to remember their lessons better if provided a fun place to learn.

This is the view held of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Vice-Chancellor Tan Sri Prof Dr Sharifah Hapsah Syed Hassan Shahabudin, who believes that transforming the school curriculum to focus more on a fun environment would have lasting benefits for children.

She said learning should not only be centred on passing examinations but also providing an environment that would make students enjoy what was being taught.

“This is something that we should all be doing. Children learn best when they are enjoying it. The learning experience must be fun. I think it is a good idea and it can be implemented.”

Dr Sharifah added that pupils should be taught to do activities together.

“They can get involved in activities with their friends and in the process learn about the various cultures. This can’t be tested in the examination halls but they (the children) will carry it with them throughout their lives. The experience leaves a lasting impression.”

Teachers, too, have to move away from the traditional classroom-centred teaching methods.

Dr Sharifah said there should be less focus on pushing for straight As.

“If the reward is for the most number of As, then teachers will work towards that.

“There should be a complete change in policy and rewards system for teachers.”

For this to take off, Dr Sharifah believed that there should be a solid support system from the schools and the government.

“If we support this with the right environment, a reward system for the schools and the right incentives for the teachers, I think it will work.”

by Lydia Gomez.

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