Overcrowding, more schools needed

Sandakan: A total of 707 schools in Sabah have been categorised as dilapilated, said State Minister of Education and Innovation, Datuk Dr Yusof Yacob (pic).

“There are 1,296 schools in this State whereby 707 are in dilapilated condition. However, 120 schools had been repaired in 2018 making another 587 schools to be immediately repaired or replaced with new buildings.

“There are school buildings which had been erected some 30 to 50 years ago and still not replaced or repaired. Despite their poor condition, they are still operating to serve a rising number of students.

“However, the Ministry need a huge allocation in order to replace the buildings of the remaining 587 schools, ” he said, during his visits to dilapilated schools in Sandakan, Saturday.

Yusof said the Ministry is also seriously reviewing the over-populated schools which caused discomfort for both students and teachers

“During my recent visits to several schools in this State, I was dissappointed to know there are still many over-populated schools with one in Kota Kinabalu having some 2,000 students.

“Classrooms were filled with 60 students. Moreover, due to insufficient classrooms, there are schools still conducting two sessions for its learning and teaching.

“Unlike schools in peninsula, we were far left behind in terms of facilities. Every school should now conduct one session and must be cater around 700-800 students only in order for learning and teaching to be conducted smoothly.

“These over-populated schools are due to the increasing population. Therefore, we need to build more schools in high density areas.”

by Winnie Kasmir

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