Less conflicts, more harmony in Year of the Boar – feng shui master

Jeanette (middle) answering questions from the participants of the workshop.

KOTA KINABALU: The Year of the Boar which starts on February 5 is set to be a well-balanced year as there will be less conflicts and more harmony.

Feng Shui consultant based here, Jeanette See said that based on the chart for the year, things would look up economically too.

“Last year, the Year of the Dog was the first of the five-year recovery period so things will be looking up in the Year of the Boar,” she said, adding that the feng shui chart also showed that there would be less international conflicts.

“We can look forward to a better year but the beginning part of the year will be a bit slow,” said Jeanette when met at her annual feng shui update workshop here recently.

She also pointed out that there are opportunities for wealth creation but efforts must be done to activate the opportunities.

“But remember, feng shui is only 30 per cent of the effort, the rest is up to you to work hard and ensure that the opportunities do not slip past your fingers. This means that after implementing the cures for afflictions and enhancers for the auspicious stars, you don’t just sit down and wait for good fortune to come to you.

“You must work hard and then reap the harvest of your good work,” she told the participants of the workshop.

She also disclosed that the younger generation would be leading in the generation of wealth in the Year of the Boar as they would be filled with ideas.

On the lucky colours for the Year of the Boar, Jeanette, who studies under Grandmaster feng shui consultant Lillian Too, said that all colours are good for the year but in order to enhance the element needed for you to succeed you should wear the colours that symbolise the element.

“For instance if you want more authority then have to activate the earth element and colours to wear will be yellow and light brown. Those who want to be creative should enhance the wood element and the colours are light green, dark green and dark brown.

“Fire is for wealth so wear more red pink and orange for wealth,” she said, adding that the colours for the metal element which enhances support are gold, silver and white. Wearing light blue, dark blue, grey and black will enhance the water element to help overcome competition,” she said.

Wearing the colour can be in the form of clothes, underwear, handbag, shoes and even the frames of spectacles, she added.

“I advise those who want to have a better year to apply the feng shui cures and enhancers before February 4, the eve of the lunar new year. Those who have any questions or are in need of assistance in the matter can come and see me at my shop, WOFS Sabah in Karamunsing Capital,” said Jeanette.

by Nancy Lai.

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